Administrative division: Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories.
Population: more than 36 million people, with 78% living in 4 provinces – Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta.
Alcohol business of Canada:
  • In each province (with the exception of Alberta) there are state monopolies for the sale of strong spirits.
  • Import of alcoholic beverages to Canada is governed by federal law.
  • Retail authorized by the authorized provincial Liquor Boards.
  • LCBO is the world’s largest wholesale buyer and retailer of alcoholic beverages and beer, purchasing  alcoholic products for 5 billion dollars each year.
  • Among other in-demand spirits the category “Kosher products” has to be mentioned. These alcoholic products must meet the criteria set by the kosher diet and are also very popular in the Canadian market.
On the basis of the schematic example of Ontario, Canada’s largest province, provided below it can be seen how the movement of alcohol products from producers to Canadian consumers is carried out.